Welcome Home


Welcome home to a place far from a busy world. A place where music brings joy, peace, and humor.  And fond memories of family, friends, and happy times.

Traditional music connects us with our roots, celebrating the things that really matter in our lives. Songs of the hills, the farms, and small towns, find their voice in the sweet sounds of the Mountain Dulcimer. For those of us who play, sing, or simply enjoy listening to the songs, the journey is its own reward. What great fun it is to be a part of this family!

Optimism and Joy in Challenging Times

How fortunate we are to be able to attend concerts and festivals when venues for these events are closed to the public. Having tools like Zoom allow us to be active participants in real - time, enjoying the experience of connecting with others. The popularity of this new option is demonstrated by the amazing number of people who attend from all over this country, and many other nations. So…let’s embrace the “new normal” and HAVE FUN!

I recently completed the amazing QuaranTUNE 2 on August 30. Three days of classes and concerts for mountain and hammered dulcimer, including instructors from the US and UK. Thanks to Russell Cook who conceived the idea, and to Jess, Katie, Mark, and others who made it happen.  What a wonderful experience for all of us!

Next on my virtual festival calendar is the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association - Fall Festival  Via Zoom. Dates are November 19 - 21. Registration began on September 3d. Classes fill up very quickly, so register as soon as you can!

Here is the website link to get info on classes and registration:  www.ngfda.com

I’m thrilled to be a part of this. Hope to see you there!

Following in December will be the QuaranTUNE Christmas Concert Series, held on December 20 - 22. This event features a team of more than 50 of your favorite musicians. Should be a really fun three days. I’ll be performing for you on the 22nd. Registration begins Nov 1st. For info:  www.virtualdulcimerfest.com

Saturdays with Susan - Zoom Classes

For those of you who would like to take lessons between festivals, I am offering an advanced beginner, and an intermediate class on Saturdays. Click on the Classes on Zoom button at the top of this page for information on the classes and dates.

Our second class is taking place on October 10 through November 7. The cost is $75 for the five sessions.  Class size is limited to 20 participants to insure that we can all ask questions and interact as personally as possible. (I offer a practice Zoom session before the classes start so you can all feel comfortable with this new way of learning.)

              “Lessons in Your Living Room”
            Twelve years, and still having Fun 

It seems like only a few months ago we posted the headline “Thanks for a great first year.” Now, twelve years have passed, and we still look forward to recording the lessons, listening to your suggestions for new tunes to learn, and answering questions on the phone or by  email. Your expressions of thanks and encouragement have been sincerely appreciated. We will continue working as hard as we can to make sure you’re having fun, while achieving measurable improvements in your ability to play this beautiful instrument.

For those of you new to this site – “Lessons in Your Living Room” is a Mountain Dulcimer lesson subscription program. Each month you will receive a multilevel lesson you have selected in advance from our library of 42 lessons. All lessons will include the basic tune or song for novice players, back up chords, an arrangement for players intermediate and up, and a duet part.  You will have the tab AND INSTRUCTION for all these, and they're separated on the CD so you can play along with any other part.

New! Go to the lessons page to hear a sample lesson.

   “Learn at your own pace, in your own space."

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