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Saturdays with Susan

Each class is a series of five sessions - one each Saturday

The next class will be scheduled for January. Dates will be posted in November.


 As Advanced Beginners, we’ll focus on left hand fingering and chords. We’ll learn how chords support the melody, simple two finger harmony shapes to lead into chord shapes and demystify left hand fingerings for chord-melody, and other styles of playing.   We’ll work on right hand strumming and keeping a steady rhythm, explore other techniques to improve your playing, and topics that you would like to learn. Our repertoire will range from songs by Stephen Foster, hymns, fiddle tunes, to Appalachian favorites and more, all of which will sound lovely on your dulcimer!

 INTERMEDIATE 12:30-1:45

 We’ll combine simple music theory and fingerings to bump up your knowledge of the fretboard, smooth out your playing and understand how chords work.  We’ll include several techniques including hammer-ons and pull-offs, playing in different octaves, and across strings to add variety to your tunes.  We’ll use the capo to capture that lovely minor sound and play in different keys. Our repertoire will include a variety of styles from the British Isles to Appalachia and lots more.

Class sizes are limited to 20 students to insure that we can all ask questions and interact as personally as possible. To register, please send me an email saying you would like to attend. I can then confirm your place in the class. 

Price for the five session class is $75.  There are two ways to pay. You can use Paypal -
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Or you can send a check for the four sessions, made out to me at:

         Susan Trump
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